Unusual Siberian Husky Dog and Fox Friends Play on Bed

Pop quiz! Have you ever heard the story about the Fox and the Hound? If you haven’t, you absolutely need to see it! It’s a famous animated movie about a red fox and a dog that become friends when they should have been enemies.

That’s because usually hounds were supposed to hunt foxes. But these two friends had a bond that started when they were young, so they were able to see each other as more than just enemies. It’s honestly one of my favorite movies of all time! I love seeing it every winter.

And I relate really hard to that movie, because my best friend is a fox! She’s a fun, funny fox who loves to play with squeaky toys. I love spending time with her, she’s my best friend! Along with our human, of course.

Meet the Real-Life Fox and the Hound

Wanna know how we became so close? Well, it’s your classic story of adoptive siblings. Our human adopted us when we were young, and now we live in a pretty house, and we play together all the time! We were best friends from first sight; you couldn’t get us to part ways even if you tried.

I know, I know what you’re thinking. Crazy pairing, right? What would make a human adopt a husky and a fox? I’ve asked myself the same question over the years, and I always get the same answer: we probably just looked too darn cute as pups for them to not adopt us both! And look at us now. It’s pretty obvious that we are close, and this is how we play most of the time.

My fox friend likes a bit of rough and tumble kind of play, whereas I’m more comfortable chilling and watching TV and listening to music. That means she’ll usually come to tease me whenever I’m just lying down on the bed and minding my business! I always play along, but boy! I need a huge breather afterwards. I guess being a natural-born predator of the forest gives you extra energy. I bet if we were in the snow, I’d be in my element, too.

Siberian Husky Vs. Fox

You might be wondering if a Siberian Husky like me has much in common with a fox. Actually, I have a fun fact for you to answer that question! We both belong to the Canidae family, so not only do we get along, we are sort of related! For all we know, we could even be long-lost cousins a thousand times removed. That would really explain why we get along so much. Also, do you know that foxes are the only members of the Canidae family that can climb up trees?

Which reminds me, foxes belong to the dog family, but the weird thing is they act so much like cats, and even kinda look like them! I mean my sis over here has vertical pupils while mine are round. Isn’t that crazy?

Foxes are pretty smart animals, I tell you. You know what the humans say – as cunning as a fox. But don’t ask me if my friend is smarter than me. I wouldn’t know anything about that. What I do know is, I love them to bits, and I love playing with them. And that’s our story!