Tired Dog is Not a Morning Person – Refuses to Get Out of Bed

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom madly, but some mornings she can be a real drag. It’s always: Lily, Lily, Lily…wake up, you need to get in your crate, I need to go to work…

Yeah right, Mom. I’ve seen you sleep in on a Saturday like no one’s business.

So, this is what happened THIS morning.

Before I tell you about how mom ripped me from my slumber, let me tell you about the sweet, sweet dream I was having.

In my dream, I had crash-landed in doggo heaven. There were piles of socks and shoes everywhere for me to rip up, treats on demand, baths were banned, and there wasn’t a mean cat in sight. Just as I was about to sink my teeth into a brand-new sneaker, I heard mom calling my name.

Mom, please, can’t be disturbed right now.

For all my efforts to ignore her, mom was relentless. It didn’t matter how hard I tried to pretend to be asleep she just wasn’t giving up. Ugh, and she’s SO noisy in the mornings.

What time is it, even?

The sun was barely up and there she was, absolutely insisting I get up. I wanted to suggest that she get a nice warm cup of coffee and go back to bed.

Unfortunately…she’s one of those…morning people.

I finally gave in and arose. Against my will, mind you.

And then she started on about going to work, and getting ready for the day, and so on and so forth. Really, can I just have a minute to wake up please? I was so warm and comfortable where I was.

I tried to give her my best puppy dog eyes.

It almost worked.

Wow, okay, Mom just wouldn’t stop. Even after I said that I just wanted to stay in bed. I tried to say it firmly. I tried to say it nicely. She just kept saying that she needed to go to work. Always with the WORK!

Anyway. I have, for this reason, decided that Mom needs to quit her job so that we can both sleep in.

Come on, Mom, think of all the walks we can go for and all the treats you can make for me!

She’s not completely convinced yet, but I’m working on her.