Tiny Piglet Finds the Perfect Spot to Cuddle Up with Dog for Nap Time

Life on the farm is GREAT! I can’t think of anything better than having acres of land to roam, animals to befriend, and always fresh veggies, milk and eggs to eat!

But the absolute best part of farm life? Having little baby animals being cared for inside before being released back outdoors. And this time around, we’re helping to raise a piglet!

See, the winters can get rough around here, and sometimes smaller animals need a bit of extra protection to keep them safe until they’re big and strong. So my humans always take the babies in for a few months, until the cold season passes. And in the meantime, I always get to make a new friend!

Although… it’s not easy being a dog in a house where a little piglet is roaming around. Don’t let the tiny thing fool you. It can be a feisty one! Every time I’m trying to get some shuteye, but the piglet keeps rubbing up on me – it must be an itch or something. She’s cute, but come on! What does a dog have to do to get some peace around here?

This piglet just won’t leave me alone, ha ha. She must like my fur, because she keeps snuggling up on me and running around me. But I’m feeling too sleepy to complain, so I’m just gonna lay here and wait until the little thing gets exhausted. By the looks of it, it’s not gonna be anytime soon. But, goodness me, I have never seen a little piggy with so much energy! Is this what it’s like being a parent?

This Piglet is Amazing

Well, even though she’s so energetic, she’s still a fun pal! She’s so smart and is learning new things about the world every single day. And she’s super adorable to boot! hat And she’s not the only one learning. I have learned lots of new things about pigs ever since this piglet decided to become my best buddy. She’s taught me a lot about patience and caring about others, let me tell you. I’ve only known her for a few weeks, but I’d defend her from anyone!

So yeah, we ended up bonding, needless to say. You see, once you socialize with a pig and play with them and let them snuggle in your dog basket, they will enjoy it so much, they won’t leave you alone. That’s what happened to me. I was just trying to be polite to the newcomer, and now I’m suddenly an older sibling! Not that I’m complaining.

Another thing I learned from my overly friendly buddy here is that pigs are hekking smart. They are just as smart as us doggos, and they even love belly rubs and showing affection! What’s more, they like treats just as much as the next dog. The only difference is piggies aren’t very picky. If my owner tried to feed me some funny stuff, I would turn up my nose at them, but I have seen the piglet gobbling up vegetables and fruits. They even eat lettuce! Ew- Gimme a bone or doggy biscuit any day.

This Piglet Loves Me

It’s gonna be hard when this little piggy grows up, but at least I know we’ll be best friends even after she moves out. We’ve already gotten so used to each other! I can’t wait to teach her more and show her the world. It’s a nice feeling, being adored by a little pig. So what if the piglet wants to rub up on me when I wanna sleep? You know what? I say let them. It’s no biggie as long as it makes them happy.