This Rock Climbing Dog Climbs Up A Steep Mountain

I know you’ve probably seen tons of dogs doing all sorts of jobs. Dalmations helping firefighters, bloodhounds helping find peope lost in the snow, sheepdogs herding farm animals… but I can guess you’ve never seen a mountaineering dog! That’s right, I’m a dog whose job it is to help humans climb mountains. It’s a really important job, like a four-legged sherpa!

So because this job is so rare, I want to share my story. I’d love to teach more humans like you what exactly it is that I do.

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Is Mountain Climbing Hard?

Good question! I would definiltely say mountain climbing is a hard, but rewarding sport. It’s scary having such a big fall and all those sharp rocks before you, but I’ve been practicing this forever, so I know I’m safe! And of course, I have my human here to also keep an eye out for me. This isn’t even the biggest mountain we’ve climbed! You should see the one we did last year.

And I’ve gotten even better at climbing, so this honestly feels like a breeze. I’m building muscle and my coordination is better, so I don’t get tired that easily and I don’t really trip. But it was hard work getting to this point! Trust me, it’s not the same as taking a walk and visiting the dog park. I gotta stay in really good shape, and that takes a lot of hard work. But, I don’t mind! I will climb up the mountain any chance I get because I enjoy it so much.

What Do I Love About Mountain Climbing?

That’s a pretty easy question to answer! Mountain climbing is not something every dog gets to do in their lifetime, so it really makes me feel special and unique. I get to see a different side of the world that birds only get to see. It’s also a nice feeling getting all that exercise.

I mean, it’s nice to curl up in my dog bed all day and eat treats, but getting to the top of the mountain can also be a real treat. It’s good exercise even for my human, and it’s a great way for me too keep in shape. I make it a point to take it one step at a time until I get to the top.

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get to the top, but that’s a good thing. It means more quality time for me and my owner! He’s really my best friend, and I will follow him everywhere, even up a mountain!

Is It Scary?

Another great question! Climbing a mountain when you’re a dog is a little bit scary. I’m not exactly spiderdog, so I can’t hang onto walls with tight grips, and sometimes it’s difficult for my paws to grab onto the rocks. There’s no way I could do what I do without my owner helping! He always keeps me safe. Like, when I’m having trouble with a particular spot, my owner gives me a lift.

My owner makes sure we are wearing all the right protective equipment, so I’m as safe as can be! Not that we ever need it, we never get hurt doing this! But it does make it so much less scary when I look down, and the ground looks far, far away.

Well, that’s it for now, folks. I’m off to my next mountain climbing adventure, and I will be sure to tell you all about it!