This Puppy Has an Important Role in a Heartwarming Proposal

I LOVE love! There is nothing better than seeing two creatures that care about each other. Whether it’s a friendship between a dog and her human, two dogs or two humans, it’s so sweet to see!

And not too long ago, I helped my human pop the big question to his girlfriend! It was such a magical moment, and I was really happy to be part of it.

They always talk about “wingmen” in movies, where human guys help their friends approach women when they’re too shy or want to look really good. That’s great! Super important to help your friends… but what about after the guy gets girl? The need for good friends doesn’t stop after you meet someone!

And my human buddy here was feeling extra shy about proposing to his girlfriend, and that’s totally okay! It’s a big moment, and who wants to mess up something that important??

That’s where I came in.

He thought it would be super cool to have me do the scary part of bringing the ring to his girlfriend, and that would make asking the big question lots easier!

Trust me, I had to really practice. I had to get the walk right, make sure the ribbon and the ring box stayed in place, and of course make sure I went to the right person! Oh, a lot of prep work went into this. I looked at pictures of her to make sure I wouldn’t get her mixed up with someone else, practiced my walk, perfected my balancing skills. It was a whole process!

But it was worth it, because I got the job done and done well, and she ended up being so happy! She said yes, of course. Who wouldn’t? My human is awesome!

And afterwards we celebrated lots! She called her whole family and he did too, and then we all walked on a hiking trail together. I got to chase frogs and run around, while they started talking wedding plans! I’m so excited to have her join our little family, I know we’ll all get along great.

We also got a huge meal, and guess what? They got a discount because they just got engaged! So guess who got extra bits of steak? That’s right – this pup!

Overall the whole night was a huge success, and I can’t wait for our next outing as a family!