This Dog Knows How to Relax – Sitting on the Couch, Eating Chips

Okay. So, this is what happened today…

My humans went out, leaving me all alone. What is a dog to do? They say, when the cat’s away, the mouse will play, don’t they? Well, with my humans gone, it was time to get settled in.

Otherwise, how was I supposed to fill the time ‘til they came home?

That’s me, with my nose in the bag of snacks. I’ve watched my human father sit in this chair night after night. He leans back and always has some snacks that he just eats and eats.

This was my turn. It was my human mum’s fault. She left the bag on the chair. Maybe she thought my human dad was going to sit down and eat it. I dunno.

So, what did I do? Why, I sat in the chair, opened the bag and began to snack.

Okay, so I ate half the bag and felt a little ill. There was something on the floor next to the chair, but I just couldn’t reach it, so I just left it.

I have heard my humans’ friends joking about how a dog is easily distracted. Not me. I know exactly what is going on. It was just that the thing on the floor was so much more interesting than the bag of snacks.

Hey, I remembered the snacks and just had to go back again.

When I’d finished the whole bag, I really did feel a little bloated. Maybe this is why my human dad gets bigger and bigger, just like a potato. He sits here so often and just keeps on snacking.

I decided it was time for a little stretch and then a nap. The chair wasn’t comfortable, though. I tried to stretch out, but just ended up bashing my head against the back of the chair. They really should make chairs that can lean backward.

I couldn’t sleep and the snacks were finished, so I had to do something else. There wasn’t much to do, just sitting on the chair.

I tried to work out why the humans call them ‘armchairs’. Where are the arms? My humans have arms. I have legs, I think. Or are these arms? I dunno. I do know that a chair sure doesn’t have anything like a human’s arms.

What was that? I thought I heard my humans coming home. I decided best I just got off that chair fast. Arms, or no arms!