This Dog Knows How to Hula Hoop

So, my human gave me this hoop. It’s called a hula-hoop, I think. The only thing I know about hula is that it is something done in Hawaii. Does my human think I come from that far away?

So, now I have this hoop. It fits great in my mouth. Maybe I can just climb through it?

Then I learned how to use it to hula.

Look at me go! Hula to the left, hula to the right. I can hula all day. Round and round my body it goes.

I think hula-hooping is lovely. It really gets me going. I think I should do it some more.

Hula to the right. I’m the best around. If I turn my body just a little to the right and then to the left, the hoop goes round. You won’t believe it, but it is quite tickly! I have to catch the hoop in my mouth, or it will fall.

I actually saw a program about this on tv the other day. My human lets me watch with her. She thinks it will teach me something, I think. Usually, I fall asleep. That night, I was very much awake, because my human fed me so late.

On tv, they showed lots and lots of kids hula-hooping. They were swinging the hoops around their bodies. Even little, little ones, like my human’s kid. They showed a lot of kids hula-hooping together. It looked quite good.

Here I go again! I can be like one of those kids. I think they said on tv that the record for hula-hooping is 100 hours straight! I wonder if I can do that one day.

The program on tv also said that the guys who invented the hula-hoop saw a program about kids in Australia using a hoop for gym class at school. Clever, huh?

So, a hundred hours… Hmmm … I don’t think I’ll make it today.

Did you see that? Did you see me! I can do it! I can hula, just like those kids. Just like those people in Hawaii!

I can see that my human is smiling. Hey, she’s even laughing. She must be so impressed with me! Maybe she will be even happier when I learn to do this for 100 hours. It will take me sooo long, but I can practice!