This Dog Doesn’t Need a Sled to Slide Down Snowy Hill

As a Texas dog, I’m not used to this white stuff. This is my second winter here, and I’m still getting used to it.

I remember when I first saw snow, I initiated panic mode! All of this cold fluff was falling from the sky. I really did think that the sky was falling!

Over time I’ve gotten used to it, but only because there is a lot of fun to have in the snow! It’s a bit cold, but the more I play, the warmer I get!

Today my hoomans took me out for a nice roll in the snow, and I found myself a big hill to slide down! There are a few other doggos here, but they aren’t brave like me.

I tried to get some of them to slide down the hill with me but they wouldn’t do it. I gotta sit here and inspect the snow for safety.

It’s important to do me a safety check before I start sliding! That way I don’t end up getting hurt and going to the vet.

Alright, time to do me a slide! Whooohoooo! It is so much fun, but it is really cold! I gotta make sure I warm back up when I’m done here.

Did you know that dogs can still get hypothermia? Even if they have really big coats! This kind of weather probably isn’t too much of a risk for me, but if I were a smaller dog, I might need a jacket.

This fluffy stuff is extra cold and wet, time to have a munch on the snow! It’s a yummy snack!

Oof! I got going too fast, had to do me a roll to slow down!

Okay, turns out snow is not a snack for doggos. My mom just yelled over and told me to stop eating it.

She said that it’s already cold outside, and eating this super cold snow can make me get even colder. Plus, we don’t know if there is yucky stuff underneath it.

Sometimes I feel like she is just too overprotective, but I know that she loves me. So I’ll be a good boi and listen to her (I guess).

Alright, time to get back to my hoomans! I am ready to go home and sit by the fireplace.

Mom is making a pot roast tonight, and if I’m lucky she will let me have a bite of the meat before she puts the onions in.

That’s something else I’m not allowed to have: onions. There sure are a lot of rules for being a dog!

Oh well, I had a lot of fun today! I really hope that the hoomans will take me back tomorrow to play some more!