This Dancing Dog Has A Routine That Is Too Cute To Miss

My mom is doing some weird stuff with her body, and she’s trying to drag me into it! I really dug my paws in at first and refused to participate, but there are treats involved, so I decided to give it a shot.

I hope this gets me some attention from the poodle down the street. I’ve done everything I can to get her attention and nothing is working. I even tried to bring her a dead squirrel! I don’t think she liked that one at all.


What are we doing with our hands, mom? Are there treats in there? Surely there must be treats in there.

No… no treats I guess. Okay then, we’ll just keep moving right along. I kind of feel like I have four left paws right now and I really hope no one is watching me.

I’m just going to keep trying, maybe this will turn out okay…

Alright, I guess this is what we’re doing now? I’m supposed to jump through this circle of human arms. I don’t really understand why, but again, there are treats at stake.

I’ll do just about anything for a wishbone (well, almost anything. I draw the line at walking into the vet’s office).

But dancing with my human? Yes, I’d do that for a wishbone for sure.

My ancestors would be so disappointed if they could see what I’m doing right now. Is this what being house trained is really about? Forgoing my ancestor’s traditions of hunting and gathering to dance around inside with a human?

And you know what? I’m not even mad about it. Because I’m actually having a ton of fun!

I think this is really going to wow the paws off that cute poodle. Dead squirrels might not work, but these moves sure will!

This started out embarrassing but it ended up pretty cool. I mean, how many dogs do you know that can do all of these dance moves and tricks? Not many, I bet.

At this point, I’d probably do this just for fun. Even if wishbones weren’t involved (okay, maybe that’s pushing it). I’m glad I learned this routine with my human. I did think she was a little crazy at first, and I was pretty hesitant, but it ended up alright.

I got the treats, the poodle from down the street is noticing me, and my mom is giving me a ton of head pats. There isn’t much more a pup can ask for!