These Dogs Are Catching Serious Waves at Surfing Competition

My name’s Abbie and I’m going to tell you all about a little place that is actual paradise for beach lovers like me. Huntington Dog Beach, baby. Where the sun always shines, and the waves are fresh as heck.

There’s nowhere on earth quite like it. On the weekends us dogs turn out in droves, with our humans of course, to show off our crazy surf skills.

This is the life.

An average day on Huntington Dog Beach is pure summer madness. We get our humans to bring our boards and we wait to catch the best waves. Some of us are still learning, but some of us are champions like me. My dad is so proud of me he never shuts up.

My favorite thing about visiting the beach is getting to surf with all my friends. Some of them are new to the sport, but others have been surfing since they were pups. Dad is always close by to keep an eye on me, but I’m pretty much a pro now when it comes to catching the big ones.

It’s taken me a while to learn, and lots of patience, but once you get the hang of it, it’s like catching a tennis ball, you just never forget the feeling.

On a good day, Dad I can surf for hours. He helps me paddle out, because he has longer legs, and I like it when he’s close by. Safety is really important when you’re a surfer dog, so Dad always tells the other guys and gals to keep a close eye on their doggos too.

Once we’ve picked a good wave, I get into the right position and wait for the water to carry me. There’s no feeling quite like riding the perfect wave. It might seem like an unusual hobby for a pup, but if you think about it, it’s like being in a giant splash pool with all the thrill of the chase.

After all my training with Dad I’ve become a pro. Dad tells everyone about our adventures, and sometimes they give me medals to tell me what a good girl I am. It’s not about competition for me though, it’s about beach life, and spending time with my friends. Huntington Beach is such a vibe. Even if you’re not a surfer like me, it’s still fun to bring your humans to come and watch us ride the waves.

If I ever have my own pups one day, I’m going to teach them how lovely it is to have the salt air in your fur and the sand between your toes.