These Cool Dogs are Enjoying Spring Break with a Pool Party

Hey, how’s it going? The names Ralph, and I’m just out here with my best bois trying to live my best life! We’re in the pool today, just chillin’ out max and relaxin’ all cool (that’s a Fresh Prince reference, in case you didn’t know).

Most of these guys are my brothers, but we have a few cousins thrown in here, too. We love these kinds of family reunions.

My hoomans have done a really good job at keeping all of us in touch with each other, even after we were adopted (our mom couldn’t take care of all eight of us at once!). It’s really nice to have family close by so that we can take a dip in the pool.

Not all dogs like to swim like we do. I’m not sure why! Swimming is actually really good exercise for us doggos! Did you know that for dogs, a 5-minute swim is the equivalent of a 5-mile walk?

And swimming is much better for this old dog’s joints. I will always prefer the pool!

My cousin down there at the end isn’t a big fan of getting wet, but he’ll still hop in if we are all in here. We aren’t doing too much swimming at the moment though. Right now we are just relaxing and taking in the sights!

There is a dog party going on at the neighbor’s house, and they look like they’re having a blast.

This right here is Cletus, he’s my brother. He’s a really good swimmer, but right now he is distracted by the dogs across the fence.

Ever since he broke up with his pomeranian girlfriend, he’s been looking for a new girl. I keep telling him to stay single and just work on himself, but he won’t listen.

He can’t keep a girlfriend because he keeps peeing in the house, and not too many girls want to deal with potty accidents every day!

He’s got his eye on a cute chihuahua in the next yard over, so he’s a little distracted right now.

Now this guy, this guy is Charles. He’s a cool cat (I mean, dog) and he is the life of every party. Those sunglasses he has on are from one of the pups from that TV show. You know the one that the AKC puts on and the fancy dogs jump through hoops? Ya, that one.

He went to an after-party with a poodle there and she got him those. He hasn’t taken them off since!

Well, I think it’s time to head inside. We’ve been in this water too long and it’s time for a snack!

Catch ya on the flip side!