These 23 Dogs Are Having a Ruff Time Working at the Paw-ffice!

If there is anyone who has benefitted from the multitudes of people who have started working from home since 2020, it’s us! Now that home is our humans’ office, that makes their office our office, too.

And if you’re in the office, then you need to start pulling your own weight, right?! Let’s take a look at some adorable furry companions trying to figure out how this whole “office job” thing works — whether these office dogs have an office at home or they are lucky enough to travel to a building with their human.

1. “I’m sorry Linda, but Stephanie is really trying to concentrate on this presentation due by the 11 am meeting. She’ll have to hear about your bad date later.”

Morning Meeting

2. “Does this tie make me look more approachable? I know I got promoted to the big boss, but I still want everyone to feel comfortable around me.”


3. “Roger, get over here and look at this! We can SEE the tennis ball, but we can’t seem to get a hold of it…get your chompers ready.”

Tennis Ball

4. “This ‘work’ thing is pretty tough. The small one always tells me she gets nap time when she leaves for the day for HER job…”

Nap Time

5. “So like…are you ever going to eat that donut? Or just keep pressing these noisy buttons? I can help you get rid of it, you know.”


6. “Umm, there might be a document you printed that got eaten by the printer in the other room. I just wanted to let you know. It totally wasn’t me.”

Printed Document

7. “Listen, you and I both know that you have time to look at your phone in between emails, so I think you have time to throw me a ball, too.”

Throw Me a Ball

8. “Let me get this straight. You just move your fingers a bunch and then things…appear?”

Magic Act

9. “I should get employee of the month just for looking this cute.”

Employee of the Month

10. “I’m not sleeping on the job. I’m on my break.”

Sleeping on the Job

11. “I’m sorry, hooman, but there’s a squirrel outside.”

Squirrel Outside

12. “She speaks, I sleeps.”

Sleep Time

13. “How did HR let these two all the way through the hiring process?”

Hiring Process

14. “Will this be much longer? I just remembered I have some peanut butter left in my bone to get to.”

Dreaming of Peanut Butter

15. “Let me get in, I got dressed just for this Zoom meeting.”

Dressed to Impress

16. “This chair feels pretty ergonomic to me.”


17. “I’m never going to finish this all with my 11 scheduled naps on my calendar.”

Nap Schedule

18. “Daydreaming about Friday already.”

Daydreaming About Friday

19. “HOWL did my inbox get so full overnight?”

Full Inbox

20. “I know office romances are frowned upon, but I think it’s worth the risk.”

Office Romance

21. “I think you’d really EXCEL in taking me for a walk. What do you think?”

Walk Time

22. “I only asked her for a belly rub. I didn’t know that was against the rules.”

Belly Rub

23. “I really hope that she didn’t see me pee on that tree before she came in.”