These 21 Very Pregnant Dogs Are Looking Fabulous

I am great! I am beautiful! I am adorable! I am…about to pop any five seconds now!

american bulldog


Oh, Jack! Paint me like one of your French bull dogs!

french bulldog pregnant


I ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, about to make more little hounds!

basset hound pregnant


Lots of people think of Dobermans as male. This one is most definitely female!

pregnant doberman dog


Not moving. Nope. Not gonna. Can’t make me…Is that a treat bag opening?

mother dog


I had such a funny dream. I was a whale and then I was beached and….

pregnant dog on beach


Great. I look like a bag of “brown and serve” rolls!

pregnant brown dog


Please…end it now…..

pregnant laying dog


I wonder if the ice cream truck is coming today…

french bulldog pregnant


When will it end?

thai stray pregnant dog


If I hear one more “When she sits around the house…” crack, I’m gonna bite someone!

pregnant english bulldog


So, I’m going to need a Lamaze partner and since Rex went back to Fifi, I was hoping you could do it.

woman and pregnant dog


Ah, the beauty of nature! The mud! The rocks! The dying foliage! The puppies playing kickball with my bladder!

pregnant sheperd dog


Guess what? I have a present for you! I made it myself! (Uh, with a little help from Spot next door.)

pregnant pit bull


Do you mind? You’re blocking the sun.

pregnant dog chair


Honestly, I have no idea how those got there!

xray of pregnant dog


You too? How many are you having? Can I smell them yet? What do you mean you’re only having one?

pregnant woman with dog


Yes, I’m happy to be having a puppy! Wait…one, two ,three, four…OH MY!

dogue de bordeaux pregnant


Yep, Me again. Still a Beagle. Still very, very pregnant.

pregnant dog on doorstep


And we’ll call the first one Flash Junior, and one of them will be named Rosie after my mom and… Flash, sweetie? Shut up.

pregnant basset hound


Could someone bring me some pickles and ice cream?

pregnant pug outside