Pit Bull Puppy Truly Loves His Human, Can’t Stop Hugging Him

Show me your dog is needy without telling me your dog is needy. Sweet Prince the Pit Bull loves to snuggle his dad and give him kisses.

I know you humans really value your personal space, but what’s the big deal? Isn’t snuggling and cuddling nice…all. the. time? I say the closer the better. Like when you’re trying to sleep. Don’t you appreciate my plopping myself down on top of you, even sharing the pillow, so you can’t move? Now, that’s love! Or when I continuously … some say, annoyingly … lick your leg? Deep down, you know you love it. We dogs just like being up close and personal with our people. It’s how we’re built. So, next time I’m standing right under foot, and you almost trip over me, don’t curse, rejoice!

1. “Who told this guy that cats like to snuggle…especially with other dogs?! Ah…wrong species!”

puppy and kitten


2. “This ‘lil guy is just the right height for me to lick and sniff. Pretty cute, too. I wish all humans were this size.”

cute baby and fluffy dog


3. “Okay, okay! Let me up!  I swear I’ll tell you where I buried the bone!”

two dogs in leaves


4. “Let’s go, Duke! Giddyap! I want to play rodeo!”

dog leapfrog


5. “Okay, Buddy, watch carefully. This is what we call a pinning hold in Karate. I learned it while watching ‘Cobra Kai.’”

puppies in grass


6. “Dan, buddy! It’s been like forever! How the heck are you?”
“I’m great! Gosh, it’s good to see you!”

dogs hugging tackling


7. “Ha, ha! Got ya!”
“Dude, you scared me! Did not see that coming!”

dogs tackled pinned


8. “Rufus, can you give me a ride? Please! Please! Pleeeeeeeze!”
“Kid, I am not moving from this spot. Forget about it.”

black bulldog and chihuahua


9. “I just love you so much, Mom! You’re the best!”
“Love you, too, son. Now let Mom finish her nap. Go find daddy.”

dog hugging


10. “Sam, I know you think I’m soft and all, but please find your own pillow.”

“Uh, uh. I’m not moving anywhere, You are so comfy.”

two dogs sleeping