Texas Man Revives Newborn Puppy by Performing CPR

Oh my goodness. I really messed up this time. Being a momma is tough work, and sometimes things happen accidentally. Thank goodness my human was there to step in and help. These humans really are remarkable sometimes.

On this day, I accidentally sat on one of my poor puppies! I just felt so guilty. I moved around anxiously as dad tried to save her. And by some CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, he did! I was sooo happy! I will never make that mistake again.

So, to give you some back story…

Like I told ya, being a momma is tough stuff. My other mama pups weren’t kidding. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into! I was just going about my days doing my normal pup business, and one day I started whelping. Then, after several LOONNNNGG hours, the next thing I knew, six new puppies were here! And they were all mine.

It was a long day, but it was all well worth it in the end. I had the six cutest puppies on the block.

What I didn’t know, was I was responsible for feeding them and taking care of them. Yup, after all that work, I still wasn’t done. But that’s OK, that’s my job as a momma!

I had just been so tired loving on my little ones, one day, when I was nursing them, I accidentally sat on the littlest one. I was SO ashamed. I felt like I let my babies and human down 🙁

Thank goodness, my human is the coolest dude around, and he was able to save my baby with CPR! I was sooo grateful. The whole ordeal lasted a minute or so before she was breathing again.

In the end, human was able to reunite me, my baby, and her puppy siblings. What an amazing Christmas gift from Santa and human! I know to be much more careful moving forward. I’ll never sit on my puppies again!

And as a quick reminder from one doggo who was very lucky his owner was on top of things –> every pet owner should know pet CPR, and be ready to jump in should anything happen. You might end up saving a life sooner than you expect!