Territorial Dog Pees on Bride’s Wedding Dress

My mom’s wedding day is finally here! She has been looking forward to this day for months! It’s all she’s talked about (I mean it is really all she’s talked about). I was tired of being pushed to the side, so I am glad it’s almost over!

I was a little upset that she didn’t have me as the best man or as the pup of honor. But this is her day, so I decided to just let it go.

But who are these guys? Who invited them to my mom’s wedding? I am her baby. This is my time to shine.

To be honest, I’ve never felt so offended in all my dog years. Do they know that she’s my human? Do they think they’re going to be her new stepdogs? Where did these guys even come from?

I really feel like I need to show them who the boss is right now, but they’re a lot bigger than I am. Should I nip their paws? Bark at them in my most grumpy dog voice? No, I have a better idea…

MINE! I had to make sure I sent a very clear message to these two dudes. My mom might be a little mad at me, but I went for it and I have no regrets! Not one!

I could tell the dogs were upset by this. Did you see the way that one big guy was looking at me? The other one heard my message loud and clear because he tucked his ears down pretty quickly.

The crowd was cheering, I was content, and those two imposters learned who the top dog was today.

Now that that’s taken care of, it’s time to socialize with my party guests. Sure, mom may have been the star of the show for the first round, but after that? It’s all about number one.

My first order of business is snacking on that Charcuterie board. It’s obvious that it was meant for dogs. Meat and cheese are our favorite treats. Why else would they have set them up just like that? It’s basically got our names on it.

I’m thinking of sharing it with the other dogs, but only because I feel bad for them. Maybe they’ll think twice before attending an event that I was supposed to be front and center of (I mean my mom was supposed to be front and center of).