Terrified Dog is Rescued in a Boat After Getting Trapped in a Flood

One day, something happened that I had never experienced before. A bunch of the wet stuff came down from the sky. And it just kept coming. I didn’t think it would ever stop.

So I ran and I ran, trying to find somewhere dry. But I couldn’t find my hooman.

No dryness. No people.

The wire gate things felt shorter than usual. Maybe because there was so much water. I just sat in place and hoped that I would hear something worth running for again.

Then came the boat

I thought I heard a sound from far away. Something sort of different…a humming sort of sound. You see, dogs hear well already, but since I can’t see, I almost have superpower ears! I heard lots of humming from all over. Things sounded…different than normal. I guess it was because of all the water.

Finally, one of those humming noises kept creeping closer and closer to me. I wondered: could that be a hooman on one of their magical machines?

dog in flood

It was! It was a hooman!!

Not only that — it was two hoomans! I couldn’t believe my ears. But then again, my ears have never led me astray. Exempt in this situation I guess, but it was hard and confusing to understand what was going on with all the extra wet stuff all around. I don’t think the hoomans had ever experienced anything like this either. We just weren’t prepared. We live on land, not in water.

The hoomans came to rescue me

I was still sorta confused but I also had that good feeling. What do they call it? I think it’s called “hope.”

It was hard holding on to that little spot not in the water. I had no energy to swim anymore to try to find another place. But these hoomans came to help me. Their loud humming water car got closer and closer and, finally, I felt some hands grabbing me. It was sorta scary at first, but everything was scary the last day. I just had to trust.

dog saved in flood

They saved me! The hoomans saved me! For the first time in a while, I could feel solid ground with no water around me. I was so weak and sore from hanging on to that one piece of sorta-dry spot I was on, it felt so good to just lay down on something hard and dry, not having to use any of my muscles.

A hopeful future

Finally, I felt safe. I felt closer to home. This person wasn’t my old hooman, but I could tell they were a good hooman. Plus — they had a baby doggo with them, too! I could feel his energy, and it made me feel warm inside.

I didn’t know where we were going, but I didn’t care. I was with people, and also new friends.