Talented Pup Bodyboards To Get Her Tennis Ball

For some reason some people believe that all dogs hate water and swimming pools. Why?? They’re the funnest! I can tell you right now that definitely isn’t the case with me.

Whenever I want to get into the water I always start slowly and gingerly here. Gotta make sure I land on the bodyboard and not into the chilly water! I mean, I guess a good swim on a sunny day like this wouldn’t be so bad – but I still need to get my bodyboarding practice in!

The trick is to wait for the bodyboard to float closer. You humans can lean forward and use your front paws to bring the board closer, but us four-legged friends have to be a bit more patient!

Let me try your human trick of getting the board closer to myself with my front paws. Let’s see if this works.

Ah yes! I finally grabbed it, now I can finally show you what bodyboarding is really all about!

This has to be the best sport out there. I get to be in the water without being sopping wet and freezing cold, and I get to feel like a cool Doggy Olympics athletes. And the best part? I’m a complete natural!

Today I’m alone, but this is extra fun when I have humans around me, splashing and playing. They sometimes like to fix the board if I’m stuck in a corner, and they’ll even play music and grill outside! But alas, most of the grown humans are at work and human pups are in daycare, so today it’s just me on the water.

Now, let’s see if I can get this board back to shore. This might be a little tough! Everyone talks about the doggie paddle, but that’s for when you’re in the water! No one ever teaches us doggos how to doggy paddle on a board!

Am I gonna make it? Yyyyyes! Reached the edge! Safely back on dry land, muscles exercised and ball in tow. I can’t wait to show off to the other humans what I was able to get done today! One less chore for them to do.

Now, let’s see what’s next on my ever-growing to-do list. There’s lunch, daytime talk shows, snacks, nap, fetch… I’m booked! Good thing I got this done before I got started on anything else. I’m sure the humans won’t mind if the living room goes one more day with my toys on the floor.