Talented Dogs Are Double Dutch Jump Rope Champions

Hi and nice to meet you! Let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Geronimo, Chuck Taylor, and Paco, and together we are part of the Dog Double Dutch team! You heard that right – we specialize in playing Double Dutch, and each of us has our own special role in the group.

Our team even includes our owner, who trained us and showed us how Double Dutch works. We know that most humans have never seen dogs playing Double Dutch before, so we consider our team pretty special. We love the attention we get from humans when we perform. Right now, we are ready to play another game of Double Dutch!

Chuck Taylor

So, the hardest part of Double Dutch is keeping the rope in your mouth. We doggos don’t come with hands like you humans do, so mouth it is. It gets the job done, but boy let me tell you – your jaw gets tired. You ever chew a single piece of gum for an entire morning? It’s a lot like that. The payoff of being able to play is great, but wowza what a bother!

I always do this with Paco. I just know I can rely on him to keep the rope going. Don’t get me wrong, Geronimo is a reliable guy. He’s just better at jumping than he is at rope turning. Nothing personal!


Well, I may not be the star of the show, but I think me and Chuck Taylor do a pretty good job of swinging the rope! I gotta say, It’s not easy holding a rope in your mouth and moving your head in just the right way. It takes skill and plenty of practice – not just any pupper can do it.

Let me tell you, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes, too. We learned that if you move the rope the wrong way, it’s easy for Geronimo to get tangled, which would ruin the show and even get him hurt. But we have been doing this for so long that we rarely make mistakes like that. Nowadays, our shows always get a round of applause. Our owner is proud of us, and she trained us so well. It’s nice being a dog with mad skills.


Being the star of the show is awesome! But I gotta say, it comes with a lot of responsibility. My technique always has to be on point, and I have to keep training to perfect and maintain my Double Dutch skills. Right now, I can see my owner and my buddies are all set up and waiting for me.

As soon as the rope is swinging, and I know exactly what to do. I wait until it’s just the right time, then I jump between the two spinning ropes. Thankfully, I don’t get tangled. I immediately start jumping, and with that, the Double Dutch show officially starts.

Double Dutch is a tricky sport to play for humans, let alone a dog, but don’t worry, I’m a dog with plenty of tricks up my sleeve. I learned to play when I was young, so my coordination is pretty excellent, and I don’t miss a jump easily. But in case you think I’m bragging, this performance is not just about me.

Everything has to be just right for me to keep jumping, and I’m grateful for my furry friends and owner, who swing the rope for me. They are amazing! We are all amazing!