Talented Dog Rides on Scooter while Wearing a Red Dress

Back when I was just a wee pup, my brother used to ride this scooter around. He had so much fun on it, so I figured I would learn how to ride it, too!

Ever since I learned to ride, I haven’t been able to stop because it’s just too much fun! We used to just ride up and down the street until we discovered that other people loved seeing a dog on a scooter!

Then we added the red dress, and everything just fell into place. Now, every week, we take a ride downtown to make other people smile. It really is the highlight of my week.

Woo-hoo! That’s me there, just cruising right along. This is my favorite scooter because it matches my pretty red dress!

The polka dots always make my mom happy, and if she’s happy, then I’m happy! I wonder where else we should go today?

Maybe down to the dog park? I’d love to show off some cool tricks to the other doggies.

Gotta pick my speed up! I use my back paw to get myself moving quicker, then I don’t have to push as much!

All of these people keep laughing and clapping. I love it! I need to go faster though. I have to charge up my batteries (and by batteries, I mean my paws).

Time to coast for just a quick second and then it’s back to pushing! I gotta wow them some more.

Time to smile for the camera! This is my best angle, so I hope they get some more pictures of me.

My mom always breaks out the video camera, she gives it to my little brother and he cruises around with me.

That’s how we get the best shots! I always try to keep a smile on my face while I’m riding, just so I know that all of my pictures will come out great.

I’m so heckin’ adorable!

Alright, time to initiate warp pupper speed! This is my grand finale before I wrap everything up and go home to my treats.

Every weekend, if I do a good job in my scootering performance, my parents give me the coolest pumpkin treats. They make them in the oven at home, and they only have a few ingredients but they taste so good! They’re also great for an upset tummy, as well.

Time to wrap everything up though, because I am ready to get home! It’s been a fun day scootering around!