Talented Dog Easily Balances and Spins on Yoga Ball

Introducing the famous dog entertainer with clever little paws and muscles of steel. Champion of the tricky yoga ball. I belong in the circus people!

Bet you’ve never seen anything like this before, huh? A doggo with expert balancing skills and a crack yoga instructor. I only teach other dogs on Instagram live streams, but hey! I know I’m reaching plenty of puppers who want to put a little more pep in their step.

The best place for a dog to practice yoga is definitely the local park. There’s plenty of open space, warm weather, and of course plenty of dogs walking by that may want to join in! My favorite thing to practice is yoga ball balancing. This is a great way for dogs to strengthen their legs and improve their balance – two very important things if you wanna be a healthy doggo!

My owner always tags along to watch and do some working out, too. It’s really fun to be able to exercise together, especially since we always get some yummy food afterwards!

I’m dancing on top of a yoga ball

The trick with using a yoga ball is to really FOCUS. Try to think of nothing but the yoga ball and not falling. Be extra aware of where your legs are, and how you need to move to keep upright. Don’t start walking or the ball will roll backwards with you on top!

Some moral support helps, too, which my human is always happy to give. Make sure you have a friend nearby to give words of encouragement and to make sure you don’t get hurt! I think humans call this a “spotter”?

Concentration should always be maintained. The minute you let your mind wander to TV or dinner, that’s when you start falling! It can be really frustrating at first, but you eventually learn to keep yourself in check. Trust me, knowing how to keep focus is useful in other parts of life, too!

Here’s how I do my act

So far the best I can do is a few seconds before I start moving. My absolute personal best is about a minute, but so far I haven’t been able to duplicate it. Still hasn’t stopped me from trying every single day!

And when the yoga ball rolls, I just roll with it. My little paws always end up doing a tap dance, and that’s how I can anticipate which direction it’s gonna roll. The ball goes left, I go left…it goes right, I move with it.

When the ball twists around, I turn this way and that way. It probably sounds simple, but in practice it requires a gifted doggie with a natural talent for performing tricks. And you know what? My owner always rewards me with a nice treat after each workout. I deserve a little extra something for giving him such a good show!

Wanna give it a try? I would sure like to see you try and beat my act!