Sympathetic Dog Walks with a Limp to Mimic Dad with Injury

I may be biased, but I think us dogs are some of the greatest creatures on this planet! We’re sweet, kind companions and we love with all our heart. Something else we’re amazing at is our enate ability to empathize with our owners! Dogs have been friends with humans for thousands of years, so we’ve had plenty of time to learn about the habits and needs of our two-legged pals. They don’t call us “man’s best friend” for no reason! Humans and doggos go together like peanut butter and biscuits.

Still don’t believe me? Check out my amazing story of companionship!

I love to walk alongside my owner who is on crutches. What did I do to help him? I pretended to limp myself as well! I was imitating the behavior that I saw from my owner, and doing so as a form of sympathy with my owner. Basically, I wanted to make sure my human understood that he was not alone, and I would behave just like he did while this was the case.

The wonderful thing about us dogs is that we immediately jump into action! We see that you need some moral support? You’ll get some moral support. Humans can always rely on dogs for a paw to cry on. We know that we can lean on you humans when we’re sick or feeling down in the dumps, too!

After our walk, we ended up going to the clinic. Why? Because my owner didn’t realize I was trying to make him feel better at first, so he thought I was hurt too! It wasn’t until the doctor checked out my leg and found no problems, did my human realize what I was doing. And since this video hit the internet some time ago, me and human have been taking the world by storm! Tons of humans are using this video as an opportunity to show just how amazing us dogs are – as if anyone needed more proof!

We hope that you use this video as an opportunity to hug your dog a bit more! There’s no other friend like a committed doggo, so be sure to chersh and return their love!