Sweet Pup Welcomes Home Rescued Distressed Deer Fawn

This fawn followed a group of hikers because it was in distress and had lost its mother. This family rescued it, and this adorable video shows their dog welcoming the fawn to the family.

Do Deer And Dogs Get Along?

Generally, deer and dogs get along well. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re looking to introduce a dog into your deer herd.

Dogs can be great for protecting your property from deer intrusion. However, it’s important that you properly socialize your dog with the deer and make sure they know who is boss. If not, there’s a risk of the dog trying to take down a buck, which could lead to serious injuries on both sides.

Deer and dog

Generally speaking, as long as you take the time to properly introduce them and keep an eye on their interactions, deer and dogs can live together in harmony.

If a deer is used to seeing dogs around, it will likely be less scared of them and may even approach them. However, if a deer is not used to seeing dogs, it may be scared of them and could run away or even attack.

Dog with antlers

Will A Deer Hurt A Dog?

No, a deer will not hurt a dog. Dogs are predators and deer are prey animals. Hunting dogs may chase deer, but they will not attack them. In fact, deer and dogs often form close relationships. Deer will often let dogs play with their young and even allow them to eat from their food sources.

If a deer feels threatened, it may attack. However, if the deer is just passing through and the dog doesn’t bother it, then the deer will probably just ignore the dog.

dog and deer

Are Deer Afraid Of Dogs?

Yes, deer are very afraid of dogs.

Deer hear and smell dogs at distances that humans can’t detect a scent in the air for more than a mile away. Deer know when they’re near a pack of human-walking or running dogs from the sound of their approaching footsteps alone.

deer grazing

And while some people think it’s cute to feed your pet deer treats made out of raw meat so he’ll try to eat them like snacks, this is actually really dangerous because you never know what kind of disease your pet might catch from eating another animal’s tissue – not to mention dangerous for the other animals on our list too! If you want an animal as part of your family then adopt one from a shelter instead where all pets need loving homes instead of buying one from a breeder where they breed animals for money and often neglect them.

Deer see dogs as predators and they know that if a dog approaches them, it’s for their own good so the best thing to do is run as fast as you can in the other direction!

dog watching deer

Will A Deer Eat Dog Food?

Deer will eat dog food if they get the chance. However, deer are herbivores and dogs are carnivores. Dogs require meat to survive whereas deer can live on plants alone. If a dog is fed with vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals etc then it would not matter for them if deer have eaten it already because the deer will not have consumed meat products.