Surfing Dog Sets Guinness World Record

Ahhh the Guinness Book of World Records. I can’t think of a more fun book to read with my human. The crazy pictures, the shiny pages, the wacky stories my human reads to me – and now, they’ve added in 3D pictures! It’s probably my favorite book series of all time.

And guess what? Now I get my own entry in the books!!

That’s right. Yours truly has their very own world record that’s in the Guinness Book. I bet you think it’s for something boring like fetch or frisbee. Nope! It’s for surfing!

I’ve been coming to the beach since I was a pup. My dad loves the beach! He’s been surfing since he was a man-pup and coming to the beach with his dad. When I was about one or two, he started teaching me! I got the hang of it really quickly, and ever since then, we’ve been coming almost every weekend. We’ll practice surfing, then get some dinner. A few years ago I finally got my own board, and a life jacket to keep me safe!

Boy, once I had my own board, nothing could stop me! Big waves, small waves, I could navigate them all. I mean, of course I had a wipeout or two, but I could sometimes go for a loooong time without falling. My dad was always so proud of me! And he was a big help, too. He’d wax my board, make sure my jacket was on nice and tight, and always swam out to help me if I fell (even though that’s what the jacket is for, but what can you do about overprotective parents?).

Finally, I got so good, my dad reached out to the Guinness team! Soon enough, we had some people at our beach, recording and taking notes of me while I surfed. When I was all done, they said I’d set a new record! The best in the whole wide world! I can’t believe I beat out everyone else with just my hobby!

Now, my dad starts to brag about my Guinness World Record for riding the waves which stands at 107 meters. Yeah it is pretty impressive and all, but geez don’t make me blush dad!

One day I might even try to do more than 107 meters if I wanted to set the record yet again. Or maybe I can do something else! “Longest Dog Paddle” could be the next one. “Best Canine Boat Captain” sounds pretty cool, too. The possibilities are endless! They say “like a duck to water”, I say “like a dog to water”!

But now that we’ve finally set a record, it might be a good time for a break before I’m back to setting records. After dad was done with his interview, he mentioned going on a vacation. I know he’s been pretty busy with work and dealing with the Guinness people, so I can’t say I blame him. He mentioned a few places, like New York City and Florida. Dad, as long as there’s a beach, we can go anywhere!