Stubborn Dog Refuses To Let The Bed Be Made

I have to say it: Blankets are the BEST thing in the world! They are so soft and cuddly, they keep me warm at night. What’s not to love? That’s why my favorite place in the house – and probably the world, is on my dog bed.

Well…. maybe that’s not entirely true. Not anymore, at least. Because today, I discovered an even better bed! One that has an even bigger, softer and cozier blanket than mine! They’ve been keeping this away from me for all this time! Is this why I’m not allowed on human beds when they’re being used? I totally understand now, because I’m about to steal this bed for myself.

And their blanket is extra cushion-y. It’s like a giant pillow! Wow, where could I get one of these? I may just need to take theirs. And the best part is that I can bunch it up and have some sort of blanket/pillow combo. Wow! Yeah, this is definitely coming to the doggie bed with me.

What Makes a Bed Great

So, you’re probably wondering how I judge beds, blankets and pillows. Excellent question! Well, there’s quite a few criteria that I use to judge the quality of everything.

First, it’s the softness vs the firmness. Now, I’m a dog that loves softness. The softer the better! Not everyone is like me, and lots of dogs and humans alike prefer firmer stuff. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind and learn to appreciate it, but for now, soft it is! So when I find something that’s super duper soft, I make sure I take great care of it! It’s even better when all three – the blanket, pillow and bed – are all extra soft.

Second is the material. Some people prefer silk and some dogs prefer wool. I’m more of a cotton pooch myself, which is what my doggie bed has. It’s the perfect mix of soft and smooth, without feeling like I could slide off. One time I slept on a bed with silk sheets, and it was so slick I was afraid I’d slip off! Not super fun when you’re trying to relax and sleep.

Thirdly is the size. Now, I’m sure humans can agree with me when I say that big beds are way better than small beds! You don’t have to worry about rolling off in your sleep, you can stretch out as much as you’d like, and you can have a few buddies join you! Nothing is better than a good night’s sleep with my humans. Big beds that have extra features, like cooling or heating options, are the cream of the crop.

Finally, they’re the features. Like I said before, I love when beds have heating and cooling options. It’s great that you can cool off in the summer, or warm up in the winter, all without having to grab or get rid of blankets! Beds that let you lift up one side of the bed to stop snoring are extra awesome, too.

Why Dogs Like Blankets So Much

Well, seeing as I’m such a bed connoisseur, it’s safe to say that I know a good bed when I see it! Every time I find an extra comfy bed, pillow or blanket, I’m gonna take it! I always take an extra good night’s sleep when I get the opportunity. Can you blame me?

Well, I’m off to take another nap! I’ll be sure to use this cozy blanket to make sure I have sweet dreams!