Strong Dog Swims to Shore and Pulls Boat to Help Human

I bet when you think of strong dogs, you think of bulldogs pulling cars, like that one guy in that commercial, right? (Met that dog, by the way. Great guy!) Or maybe those tough guard dogs, like dobermans and rottweilers and pitbulls? Well, they’re definitely strong, but they’re not the only ones with muscle! I’m here to you show you that any breed can be just as tough as any other

So my job is simple. All I have to do is drag this boat back to shore using a loooooong rope. My human LOVES to fish, and has a boat that he always takes out on Sundays to relax. I always come along, and I get to eat extra kibble! My human always overpacks food for me – better too much than too little!

Once it’s time to head back, my human takes the boat really close to the shore and tosses me a rope. Once I’ve got the rope in-mouth, I swim and PULL. The motor is off, so the boat isn’t fighting back, but boy oh boy, is this always hard work. But I don’t mind! After a day of sitting and sleeping and eating, a bit of exercise to stretch out my legs is nice. I get to cool off in the cold water after being in the hot sun all day, too!

The hardest part is getting the boat to move at first. I have to tug a lot to get things started. But once the boat is moving, it’s easy to keep it moving. My human sometimes cheers me on, and I know that if I can’t do it for some reason, he’s got some backup plans to bring us to shore. That’s only happened once or twice, though – I like the work, and I definitely don’t want to be out of a job!

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting the boat into shore. I can tell I’m almost to the finish line when I can start feeling wet sand under my feet. Next thing I know, I’m on the beach and my human is right behind me!

Whenever I bring the boat into shore, I get a surprise from my human as a bonus, too! A new squeaky toy he was hiding in his bait box, or extra bacon treats or something. Oh boy, I can’t wait for my human and see what present he has for me today!