Stray Dog Mom Gets Humans to Help Rescue Her Puppies

I would like to say that what happened was avoidable, but that might not be the case. And if I knew then, what I know now, I would have waited! But I didn’t, and now, I’m worried sick, and I need help.

There are humans here, and I hope they can help – as I can hardly even bring myself to say it, but it’s true, I lost my puppies!

It came on so fast, the pressure, the break, and then I knew it was only a matter of minutes before my babies would be here.

An Unexpected Delivery Date!

I had been pregnant for quite some time, and the liter I was carrying was a healthy one. And up until that day, everything was going as planned. Then I decided to go for a walk, even though I was well impregnated, but it’s a dog thing.

That’s when that pressure I spoke of earlier came on and came on strong. I knew in an instant that I had no time to wait, and I was too far from home to get back before my babies would be delivered!

A Safe Place

No, it wasn’t the best option or most ideal place to give birth, but nature said the time was now. I saw that the house was abandoned, and I remember rushing in to find a place that was at least a little covered and protected.

Afterward, I knew I couldn’t leave them there for long, and my new babies would need food and water soon! That meant that I had to go find help from some humans.

The good news is, I found someone. After some whining and whimpering, she finally understood that there was something wrong – and the hunt was on!

A Different Kind of Treasure Hunt

I knew it was an empty house, and I had an idea of the area, but the truth was – I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t sure where I left my babies – all of them! And my new human friends were so helpful, as we looked high and low.

The human kept asking me where they were or if I could remember the place, or if anything was familiar. I knew the leash was keeping me back and I felt we were close. After convincing her to take it off, I was able to find the house!

It took a minute to locate them, but my new friend heard them crying in the distance, and right then I knew exactly where they were. I led her and the other friends to an opening in the floor where steps led to a small crawlspace below.

One by one, we finally rescued my babies… all ten of them! And they were all safe, happy, and most importantly, they are back with their mama where they belong.