Soccer Obsessed Dog Expertly Dribbles Up and Down Field

There are few sports that really get a pooch’s blood pumping like soccer! Football can get intense and basketball can make your jaw sore from holding the ball. Swimming is great though, and golf can sure be fun. But soccer? Nothing beats running around on the field, scoring goal after goal! And it’s a sport that can be played either alone or with friends. You can practice scoring goals on your own, or team up with others and practice playing against others. It’s always a blast either way!

And that love for sports doesn’t go away with age – if anything, it gets stronger! The older you get, the more you learn and the better you get! That way, the second you hit the field you know for sure that you’re going to win. And as a bonus, I get to impress my human, too!

Soccer balls are one of the easiest ones for dogs to manage. They don’t require extra equipment to use them in-game, like baseballs, golf balls or tennis balls. And they aren’t too big or heavy to manage, like basketballs or croquet balls. They are the perfect size for doggos of any size!

I’m A Natural Soccer Player

And in my free time, I like to watch soccer games to study! It’s always humans playing, but I can still learn their techniques and what not to do to get a card. I mean, I’m not even sure if professional dog soccer games even have cards, but I do not want to take that chance!

There are more puppy sports on TV these days, so on days when there’s no human soccer games, my human scours the internet for a doggie game. Those are my absolute favorites! I wish we’d watch them more so I could study even harder.

And when it’s practice time, I do every trick in the book! I spin the ball on my nose, and then I let it roll away. I chase after it, and I let it roll in the other direction when I catch it. Then, I spin around and chase it again. Whoopee! I can do this all day. This ball doesn’t get tired either. It will keep rolling and rolling, and I will have fun all day. Do you think I could even play on a human’s soccer team? I bet I could give them some serious competition.

Playing Soccer Is Good for Me

Playing soccer is a real treat for me because it’s become my second nature. It’s such a fun sport! I also have a very playful nature, and running up and down the field, chasing after the ball is good exercise. It helps me release all that energy, which is healthy for me. It helps me relax and makes me feel so proud of myself. I love playing soccer. Give me a yellow ball, a blue ball, a white ball, or any soccer ball any day, and I will play with it!