Smart Puppy Digs a Tunnel Under Fence to Invite Neighbor Friend to Play

Okay, you’re not going to believe this, but there’s another dog next door, but I can’t talk to him! My humans want me to have a really active social life, so how did they miss this guy?? Maybe he and his folks are new to the neighborhood and don’t know anyone yet? That would make more sense.

Well, guess I need to be the welcome wagon! And maybe I’ll end up with a new best friend in the process!

So I first learned about my new friend the same way most dogs meet – by hearing each other’s barks and looking to see what the fuss is about! I immediately went to invesitage, and saw that pupper! We didn’t have time to exchange names before his owner called him, but that was enough for me! I knew he was there, which meant I could try and talk to him again. That’s the goal for today!

I hope one day to hang out with him on the same side of the fence, but what I just want to do is learn who he is, where he’s from… you know, basic info that you exchange with new pals!

Going Under the Wall

Actually, you know what? I’m not a big fan of fences. You ever try to talk to someone through a fence or door? It’s annoying! It’s hard to hear what they’re saying, and you can’t even see their face!

Actually, maybe some humans know what I’m talking about.

So I’m gonna do something that miiiight be against the rules. I’m going to dig a hole under the fence to see if I can see the dog in the flesh! This is probably breaking a few rules, but I’m home all the time, so I’m sure it’s fine! I’m sure the doggo will be happy to see me too.

During this crazy year, I spent lots of time watching different talk shows with my humans, so I’ve got all sorts of fun topics to talk about with my new friend! I’ve been totally up-to-date on all the important news – like the latest movies, newest songs and all those fancy award shows! So even if he’s all out of things to say, I can totally carry the conversation.

And I gotta say, it’s weirdly relaxing to dig. It just feels so great and natural! Is this how humans feel when they use those squishy squeeze toys that they keep on their desks? I feel like I could dig for days and never get tired!

Now, the trick to digging a working hole is by constantly checking to make sure that it’s big enough to fit you, but not too big! These fences need something to sit on, so it’s important that I don’t move too much dirt out of the way. I know my humans would be really mad at me if I did that! So I have to keep digging, see how much of myself I can fit, and then dig some more. I have to make sure the hole isn’t so small that I get hurt trying to crawl through, too!

The best part is that once the hole is ready to go, it’s there for me to keep using, like a doggie door! I’m actually doing my humans a favor, if you think about it. I’m saving them the trouble of taking me to the neighbors’ place. I can just go there myself!

Free to Play With My Friend at Last

Wow! I can’t believe I made it to the other side of the wall! It’s always so exciting to meet a new friend. I can already tell he’s amazing! He says his name is Buster, and that he just moved here from Cleveland. Nice to meet you! We’re gonna have so much fun together, I can just tell!