Smart German Shepherd Helps to Load the Dishwasher

You know, you always hear lots of stories of lazy pets all the time. Doggos that take up all the space on the couch, cats that want to be waited on paw and foot – even birds that refuse to leave their cage!

But not me. I’m a hardworking doggo. I do whatever I can to help around the house. I like to put away leftovers in Tupperware, I guide my human while he’s mowing the lawn, and I help put the dishes away! I think my humans are really appreciative of the ways I contribute around the house. I just want to make their hard work a little easier!

Plus, I think loading up the dishwasher is lots of fun!

I Make Loading the Dishwasher Fun

Sometimes, I hear my humans talking about loading the dishwasher and it sounds like they don’t even want to do it! I don’t really get that, personally. I’ve never really thought of loading the dishwasher as a chore. I love hearing the sounds the dishes make when they clang together, and it’s soooo satisfying to see the entire thing filled up.

My humans handle the dangerous stuff, like putting away the knives or putting the soap in, but I get to help close the door! And then the dishwasher makes all sorts of cool buzzing and splashing sounds, and I know everything is getting super clean. Then the dishes are super warm when they’re all done! Like clothes out of the dryer!

Sometimes I Just Grab the Dishes Myself

The only part that I don’t like about helping humans load the dishwasher is that I have to wait until they hand the dishes to me most of the time. To be honest, sometimes I get too impatient, so  I just stand up and grab the dishes myself every now and then. It’s more efficient this way!

You know, if we did it this way all the time, humans could just let me take care of the whole process. They could relax while I handled the dishes, and they could come back to handle the other stuff and get things going. I should try and suggest this!

I Am An Excellent Helper

I try to see this as a way of paying my rent! Humans have to pay for their house with hard work every single day. Well, I live here too, so why should that be any different?

The best part is knowing that my humans don’t have to worry about this work later on. They already cook the food and gather all the dirty dishes, so it seems unfair that they also need to worry about this part of cleaning up. My humans even record me from time to time, because they just can’t believe I’m this helpful. Maybe they’ll show the video to their friends, so they can ask their doggos for help, too!

I Hope I Can Help

At the end of the day, I just like making life easier for my humans. They’re sweet and kind and work hard, and I want to know that I’m making things just a little easier for them. I’ll keep looking for other stuff I can do around the house to help more. Together we make one big, happy, helpful family!