Smart Dogs Perform Synchronized Tricks


We’re two best friends, and we just LOVE doing tricks with our humans. Check us out in our latest performance!

As you can see, our human has only really taught us how to do three commands: up, sit, and down.

Okay, okay, that might sound a bit boring. Hopefully he’ll teach us something new soon. But in the meantime, it is pretty cool that we’ve learned how to do it together, isn’t it?

We love doing other things as a pair, too, of course, like playing tug of war and sneaking onto the sofa when we’re not supposed to. Just call us DOG’ SYNC! (Sure we can’t sing, but we still think we’re cuter than most boy bands.)

P.S. You can’t see, but our human is showing us hand signals and holding up some really tasty looking chicken. Excuse us while we go drool.

Want to learn how to train good boys like us? Here are some tips from animal experts like the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:

  • Play it cool, dawg. Start training for new tricks and commands in a calm quiet environment that’s free of distractions.
  • Make it short. It’s hard work learning how to figure out what you humans are trying to say! To keep us from getting overwhelmed, keep our training sessions short but do them regularly. This is way better for our doggie brains than doing just one long training sesh per day or training sessions done too infrequently.
  • End on a good note. Let us show you how smart we are by finishing each training session with a trick we already know! This way, we’ll start to see this training sessions as something to look forward to.
    • Pro-tip: use a phrase like “Okay” or “All done” at the end of every session. We’ll start to learn that this cue means the session is over, and it’s time to go play! (Or eat. Or poop. You know, dog stuff.)
  • Be patient. Come on: did YOU learn to walk in just one day? Try to remember that we are doing the best we can—so, be patient with us as you teach us new tricks and make sure you start each session with a calm and relaxed mindset. If you’re not in a good mood or feeling super stressed, maybe hold off on the training session and just pet us instead?
  • Have fun! Listen, humans. We LOVE you, and we want to have fun together. So, be happy, use special tasty treats and lots of friendly scratches (positive reinforcement), and marvel at how FRICKIN’ adorable we are!