Smart Dog Plays Connect 4 with Strategic Moves

Games are the BEST! There is nothing better than sitting down after a long, exhausting day of burying bones and playing fetch and playing a good board game! I’m pretty partial to the ones with big, easy-to-grab pieces. Checkers is a fun one. So is jumbo chess! I’ve also been known to really mop the floor with my humans if I have some help with Monopoly. But my absolute favorite? Connect 4, without a doubt!

I learned how to play this game back when I was a little pup. It was hard at first, learning to grab the pieces, but I was determined! Before I knew it, I was playing just as well as any other human – maybe even better!

And every so often my human likes to challenge me to a board game. They’ll take out colorful box after colorful box of games and let me choose. Sometimes I’ll pick something I know the human can win at, just to keep things fair, like Chinese checkers or Clue. But most days? Connect 4, baby! I am unstoppable in that game and everyone knows it!

A lot of people would think that doggos can’t play board games since we don’t have thumbs. Two things wrong with that! First off, we totally have thumbs. They’re not your average human thumb, but we’ve got them and they’re cool! Also, we can totally play games as well – we just have to grab the pieces with our mouths! Gets the job done just fine.

The big problem for me is finding where to play. Humans are way taller than dogs, so they like to play on tables and beds. We can play there too, but it can be a hassle being so careful, making sure we stay on the table and don’t knock anything over! The floor is the best. And not just ANY floor. A hardwood floor I can easily walk on, in a room with lots of light. Gotta make sure I can see all the pieces!

My human always makes it a point to record me, too! Everybody loves to see me play games! It’s a total win-win! We get to play, and everyone tells me how smart I am and what a good boy I am. I love it!