Shelter Dogs Enjoy a Pool Party With Their Best Friends

Last month I kept getting in trouble for eating trash out of the restaurant garbage bin. The workers tried to find my home but they didn’t seem to understand that I live on the streets and the whole world is my home!

Sure it can be a little tiring having to scavenger for food, but I’ve never known any different. I was happy there until they took me to this place.

This place? It is doggy heaven out here!

Every day we get to go swimming, and the pool is my favorite place to be! It’s super relaxing and fun. The dogs all get along while we swim. There aren’t a whole lot of complaints during pool time!

We do have a little Pomeranian that just cannot stand getting in the water, though. We’ve tried everything to get her to come and swim with us and she refuses to get her hair wet. She said back at her mom’s house, she only gets wet when she’s getting a bath with organic shampoo from the groomer.

I don’t know what organic shampoo is, but I’m not here to argue. I’m here to swim!

That’s my friend Goldy. He is a golden retriever and he’s really good at catching diving sticks. I’ve even seen him go all the way under the water to grab them before!

Yesterday I tried to get him to teach me how to do it, but the water kept getting into my nose (I hate water in my nose). I just let him take the lead and shine with the diving toys, it’s just not for me.

My special trick? Is jumping!

Here I am, about to take the leap of faith! Half the dogs still haven’t gotten in yet, and I’m sure they are all waiting for me to make the first move (some of them can be a bit of a wallflower at times).

I got really good at jumping when I was living on the streets because sometimes the restaurant people would put the trash way up high where I couldn’t get it. Who would have thought that such a struggle was just teaching me to get good at jumping so I could have fun at the dog pool?

Funny how life works, huh?

Looks like Fido is headed for the high dive! Do a gainer fido! No wait, do a belly flop!

I had better go get the hooman. Fido is going to need a vet visit after this one…