Shar Pei Puppy Struggles To Eat A Strawberry Off The Floor

Mom just gave me this super nummy treat. She called it a strawberry, but I called it a fun berry!

What isn’t fun, though, is the fact that I can’t get the dang thing in my mouth! I can taste it, and it’s definitely very sweet, but getting it off the ground is a bit of a task.

You see, I have a big floppy face, and it makes it hard to pick up small things off the floor. Like this tasty treat

I’m really frustrated right now, so my mom started telling me some interesting facts about strawberries! Today I learned that strawberries are usually the first fruit to ripen in the springtime. That’s probably why they are everyone’s favorite fruit because they’re the first to pop up after a long winter!

Anyway, I’m back to taste testing this thing. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of it. It didn’t taste like my kibble at all!

I wonder if they sell strawberry kibble… now that would be a good invention!

I almost got it! Maybe I’ll finally be able to get this little guy in my mouth.

You know, my mom should really be helping me instead of videotaping my strawberry struggles. While she’s sitting here laughing at me, she told me about how this is very likely a strawberry from California.

That’s because over 75% of strawberries come from there! I bet it’s because it is such a sunshiney state, and strawberries grow best in sunlight. I think it would be nice to visit that place. I heard the dogs there get to run on the beach every single day! And they probably get to eat a ton of strawberries, too.

I’m starting to give up at this point. This strawberry is so delicious, but it is so much work to try and get it in my doggy mouth.

I wish my mom would just help me eat it! I bet the cat is going to come out at any point and try to take this from me… I have to guard it!

Last week she stole my kibble right out of my bowl and my mom didn’t even do anything about it! So she’ll definitely take this from me too if she’s given the chance.

My next order of business today (after I conquer the strawberries) is to take down that kitty! I’ll call it “Operation Cat B Gone”.