See the Adorable Way This Dog Apologizes for Eating Treat

I, Watson, stand accused of “Treat Theft”.

The events of this moment are difficult and traumatic for any pup to relive. But I am strong, and I am here to share my story of innocence and the false allegations levied against me by my own mother (and supported by my brother).

This is me (Watson)

I have one brother, Kiko, who has been stealing my chew toys and head pats since the day my mom brought him home. The least he could do is share a few treats with me, so I really didn’t think he would mind sharing.

Now that we’ve got this covered, and you can see who the innocent party is (me), let’s continue…

Mom starts out by viciously accusing me of Treat Theft. The finger she is pointing at me is with aggression, not concern over my alleged behavior. She did not even give me a chance to defend myself against these horrific allegations!

She goes on to ask me if I “understand” what I’ve done. This is the most embarrassing interaction that I have had with my hooman in all my doggy years.

Of course, I “understand” the charges. But I don’t agree with them.

This is Kiko, my brother and the alleged victim of Treat Theft. As you can see here, he does look very innocent, but don’t let that face fool you. He is guilty of many crimes as well, but since he is mom’s favorite, he never gets in trouble. It’s just me, poor, poor Watson.

Anyone who was in my shoes would have done the exact same thing, and I still can’t figure out what the problem is with some forceful sharing (think of it as a tax, if you will…)

Mom continues to try and break me down, and my strength and will to hold onto my innocence begins to fade. I’m considering pleading guilty now, even though I am not a guilty boy.

So, when she asked me again, I started wondering if I should give her the answer she wanted to hear…

I finally gave up. Anyone who is reading this will know I am innocent, but it is apparent that my hooman is not agreeing with me and will not see reason. She is simply too blinded by my brother’s cute face.

I finally confess to the alleged crime, and I await my sentencing. I can’t begin to describe the terror I felt at that moment. What would be my fate? No treats for a few days? Time out? My doggy blood ran cold as I imagined her forcing me to share the couch with the cat…

Ultimately, my punishment was to apologize and give hugs. It takes a strong dog to apologize for something he has not done!

Eventually, I will recover from the shame and unfairness of my trial and sentencing, but for now, I need some time to recover.

Just in case you’re wondering, Kiko never admitted to his own crimes and he still hasn’t apologized for setting me up. Life really isn’t fair sometimes.