Seal Snuggles with Dog after Becoming Friends on the Beach

Today my hoomans took us to the beach. I’m a mellow kinda guy, so I prefer to just lounge around on the beach while my brother tries to attack the waves.

I’m not sure why he does that, he never catches the dang things. But it makes the hoomans laugh, so I haven’t tried to stop him.

While I was trying to relax and enjoy the sun and sea breeze, this seal came up to us! My hoomans were very impressed (and I was a little disappointed he was taking the attention off of me). I will say that this was an interesting experience. At first, I thought this was a sea dog!

Hmmm… I don’t know about this. That seal is stealing my head pats! I really don’t like that, but I’m a good sharer, so I’ll allow it (for now).

My brother is still over there trying to bite the waves (and is still unsuccessful at catching any of them). I’m getting kinda curious about this sea creature. How does he walk like that?

I have questions that need answering, so I guess I’ll ask my hoomans.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. This seal is making me a little nervous, so my mom calmed me down with some interesting seal facts (I love learning about new things).

The most interesting thing I learned is that there are 33 species of seals! That isn’t nearly as much as us dogs, though. There are 195 different breeds of dogs and 75 others that are still working to be recognized by that big AKC organization! You know, the one that hosts that show where the floofy poodles prance around for claps and treats? Ya, that’s my dream job.

Even though this was my favorite fact, I want to share with you some others that are pretty woofin’ cool.

I’m growing increasingly nervous here, so let’s talk about how long these little guys live. Turns out they have a very long life expectancy of 15 to 40 years! I had to check with my mom, and she confirmed that all seals go to heaven (just like all dogs do!)

These seals can get huge with the largest seal being 19 feet long! That’s the elephant seal (a very fitting name). However, the smallest one is around 4 feet long and they go by the name Baikal seals (maybe that is the species of this seal? He is pretty small).

I wonder if their mom gives them different names like ours does?

Alright, I need some personal space now. This relaxing day has been very educational, and I never thought I’d cuddle with a seal, but it’s time for me to get on my way.

My brother is still over there trying to bite the water, so I guess I’ll go get him and introduce him to the newest member of our family.