Scared Puppies are Rescued from a Ditch and Given a Safe Home

Being a rescued puppy is a heck of an adventure! One minute you’re wandering the streets with your family, looking for a cozy spot in the park to sleep in, and the next minute you’re being scooped up by a nice human and taken to a warm home! Wanna hear our stories?

Puppy #1

That’s me! I’m the oldest by a few minutes, which means I had to watch over my siblings the most. It was a rough-and-tumble world out there, and we had to search all the time for food for all of us. Every so often someone would leave food out, but most of the time it was our own doggie instincts helping us. It was sometimes fun to always see new places, but we’re looking forward to having a warm home and fresh food every day!

Puppy #2

I’m the second oldest! That means I had to help my older sibling take care of the younger ones a lot. I was usually the babysitter while my big bro here went looking for dinner. It’s not easy wrangling in so many excitable pups!

Puppy #3

Third puppy here! My job was to just make my older siblings’ jobs as easy as possible. That meant just being a good boy and not getting into any trouble! It can be hard, being patient when there’s just so much to see and do, but I did it! Now I can run around my new human’s home as much as I want!

Puppy #4

I’m the fourth one! Me and my younger sister make up the middle puppies. Being right smack in the middle means we’re usually left to do our own thing while the older ones are busy looking after the younger ones. We’re both usually pretty quiet, but that just means we notice a lot more!

Puppy #5

Like my big sis said, we don’t stand out much, but we’re always learning! She and I like to wander around and learn new things. We’ve discovered all kinds of bugs, cats, plants and other neat stuff! Sometimes we’ll also chip in and help the really really young ones if our older siblings are too tired. It’s a team effort!

Puppy #6

I’m the sixth one! That means I’m the oldest of the youngest! It’s so much fun to be in charge. When my older siblings are looking after us I always have to listen to them, but when it’s just me and my younger brother and sister, I get to tell them what to do! I guess now that we have this new human they’re kind of in charge too, huh? It doesn’t matter! I can still be the boss when no one else is around!

Puppy #7

I’m almost the youngest – but not quite! I like to spend a lot of time with my little brother and big brother. We usually have a couple older siblings watching over us to keep us from getting hurt. I’m so happy to have my big family!

Puppy #8

I’m the littlest! I’m actually starting to forget what we used to do before these nice humans took care of us. I really like having my own bed and a big blanket. I’m so happy to be able to live in such a big comfy house!