Puppy Pedaling Bike With Mom…Or Is He?

Hi hoomans, I am here on my woofing bike to show you how to do a good boy pedal. This is kind of a complex ride, but with some practice, you can do it just fine. Show your friends, show your dogs, but whatever you do, don’t show the cat.

We don’t need them riding any faster than they already do.

This will make your humans happy and it will get you some heckin’ good exercise.

Alright, so first you get on the bike with your hooman. Make sure she is holding onto your puppy tummy because that is important for stabilization.

Now pedal! This is kind of similar to doing the doggy paddle, except you’re in the air.

While we are on the topic of doggy paddling, let’s get into some interesting facts about dogs and water.

Since not all dogs like water, it’s important to make sure your dog likes to swim before tossing him into a pool or lake. Not all of us can swim, so this can be very dangerous!

Also, swimming is great for times when you don’t have the energy or time in your day to take us on a walk. Did you know that a 5-minute swim is the equivalent of a 5-mile walk?

Next time you want your puppers to get their exercise, just take him to the water (but only if he likes it!)

Okay, back to the bike. I don’t know if there is a way to make this thing go faster, because when I pedal my paws faster, it doesn’t seem to change the speed of the bike!

Maybe my mom can help me with this because it isn’t fair that she gets to control the speed of the bike when I’m over here doing just as much work.

Oh well, I guess I will just enjoy the sites. I just saw a fish jumping in the pond! How cool is that?

I’ve seen a few familiar faces so far, and I love the attention, but I sure am ready to get home. It has been such a long ride and a hard day of peddling for this puppy!

Once I get home, I’m going to ask mom to buy me my own bike. I feel like that’s the best invention and she would make a ton of money off of it (which means more treats for me!)

A bike that is designed for a dog? Absolutely genius!