Puppy Has So Much Fun Playing iPad App Game

You know, I always see all of these people out playing with their dogs and having a grand old time. For me? Most days it feels like my mom is just glued to her tablet!

I don’t understand how this tablet thing is so great. I mean, you can’t chew on it (well you can, but I get in trouble when I do that). You can’t throw it to play fetch. You can’t shake it around to try and rip it apart.

What gives? What makes this thing so cool? I’m going to find out myself.

Alright… maybe this isn’t so bad. There’s some little squeaky thing in here, and that’s pretty cool.

But how do I get it out? It just sits there and squeaks whenever I jump on it. I don’t understand… Explain yourself, squeaker of magic! Come out and face me!

Maybe if I dig at it a little harder, he will come out of his hiding spot. This screen seems to be protecting him.

Hmmm… no dice. Well, fine then. I guess I’ll just ask my mom how this thing is supposed to work…

She says that it’s called a touch screen. So when my little pupper paws touch it, it just makes a funny squeaking sound. Apparently, this mouse inside the screen is not actually real. It’s just a figment of my imagination?

Well, no I guess it isn’t. It is technically real, but it isn’t what it appears to be. Honestly, I don’t know how humans play with these things because it seems a little scary. Maybe that’s why my mom only lets my brother play on it for a certain amount of time each day?

She told me I needed to back myself up a bit because I was getting my eyes too close to the screen. Well, Sheryl, how on earth am I supposed to see this thing if my eyes are this far away?

I am still a puppy, and our vision isn’t that great for the first few months after we are born. But okay, if she insists that I back up, I will do that.

I just really, really want to keep trying to get this mouse. I don’t know why this is so entertaining. I mean, I know this thing isn’t real. But for now, I’m just going to pretend it is and keep on trying to get it out of that screen!