Puppy Can’t Control Himself Around Baby Goat – Too Much Excitement!

Yesterday I went to bed a happy pup. Today I woke up to a new competition, a smol pupper that is fighting for my parent’s attention!

Well, actually I’m not sure if this is a pupper or not. The color of her fur makes her look just like me, but she does not smell like a pup.

She smells like some type of farm animal! But cleaner. I’m really not sure what to think of her, and I need to ask my mom what this creature is!

First, I need to introduce myself. This creature is coming awfully close to my bed. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

You already took my parents love and affection from me, smol creature! Now you’re trying to take my bed away, too? This is unjust!

I am asking you to take a step back, and no I will not play with you. I don’t know what or who you are!

Wait, you say you’re a goat? Hmmm… I’ve heard of creatures like you. I guess you’re alright. But what do you want with my bed?

Oh, you just want to play? Well, pal, today is your lucky day because I am the best at playing! I just run and run and don’t let anything stop me!

Except for that silly gate, my parents put it up because they are the fun police. They don’t like me having too much fun.

That’s okay though, because they love me and give me lots of pets and treats. Well, they used to.

Then you came along. I’m not jealous though, nope. Not one bit. Why would I be jealous of a goat?

Crash! This is my favorite game, crashing into each other. It is so heckin’ fun!

Also, I think I was being a bit dramatic earlier. My parents haven’t loved me any less since you got here. I mean, you literally just showed up. So, I guess I’ll apologize for being a drama pup.

It’s just that it is a possibility that they could love me less than you, and I don’t like that possibility.

Maybe playing another game will help distract me from my insecurities. Do you like to play fetch, smol one? Fetch is my favorite game and I’ll teach you how to play it!

You know, at first I was a little nervous about you being here. But now that I’ve completed the smell check and played with you, I think I’m going to love having you as my new baby brother. Even if you are a goat!