Pup Pleads for Nana Not to Leave Without Him

This is my nanny! She stays with me so I can have some company and to make sure that I’m a good boy. And don’t worry- I am!! I just love my nanny! I just love it when she’s here to spend time with me! She is the funnest lady, and she even smells like treats. That’s probably because she, and get this, always has treats! Every day when she goes I let her know how much I love her so she’ll come back and play with me some more. It’s great to have a fun nanny around to spend time with you!

So, sure, I’m hanging onto my nanny and begging to go with her, but I don’t want you to take that as a slight. I love my family too! But maybe this time she’ll just pick me up and take me home with her? Sure! I’ll bet she could do that!

Ok, if I can’t go home with you, give me a great big hug! I have been such a good boy today, as you well know! That will help me to let you go today. Maybe I can hug my family, too? I think I give some pretty good hugs, so they will probably want them too. I just love to spend time with all of you!!

I guess I can let you go home today. I’ll miss you, but I will get to see you tomorrow! Before you go, though, wanna see a trick? I have a really fun trick I like to do, and I’ll bet you like it. See how I stand up all by myself? Then I move my paws around like I’m swimming! Isn’t that great! I can do that again and again to impress the humans. They all love to see it! It’s my own little dance that I made up. Do you want to dance with me? Maybe a little? Then maybe you can go home. Then I can dance for my family! Bye, nanny!!