Pug Takes a Bath with Pig Friends While Wearing Frog Shower Caps

My human has lost her darn mind! Just look at the invasion of personal space… I just get the sense that my human is mocking me today. What do you think? Can’t a fella get some privacy in the bathroom?!

Usually, I let my human run things, at least I let her think she does. Today, I was just minding my business when I was scooped up, given an uncomfortable hat, and before I could even bark straight, I was in a tub with all these PIGS!

I think she mistook me for my pig siblings. She MUST have. But that’s a little insulting to me….. I know I like my table scraps, but I think I’m pretty fit for a pug. I mean, I don’t have much space to grow into! I’ve always been jealous of those slim greyhounds. But it ain’t my fault, it’s those darn genetics I hear about!

Look how goofy my brothers and sisters look… with their funny matching hats. Ha ha, at least I can mock them. I mean, I am the best looking one in here if I don’t say so myself.

Oh wait…. darn it. If my human thinks I’M a pig, does that mean my hat looks like that, too?! She wouldn’t. I’m sure I am wearing a crown so my brothers and sisters know who’s in charge here.

Oyyyy.. the things I put up with living on a farm. I’m going to have to set my mom straight after this fiasco. Tub time is for me, mom, and splashin’ around. How am I supposed to work on my doggy paddlin’ if I can’t even move, mom? Think about that one next time!

On the plus side, at least we’re getting my siblings clean. It’s about time they had a bath! I didn’t even realize their fur could look like this!