Pug Stands on Front Legs while Peeing on the Wall

So, we dogs all have our quirks. Some of us like to have our squeaky toys arranged a certain way, some of us hate to see other dogs on TV, and some of us still mark our territory.

What? It’s a primal instinct! I can’t help it!

And lots of dogs just go in certain spots on their walk. And that’s fine! But I have a different way of going about it.

So most dogs just go normally, right? Finding a fire hydrant and going for it? Welllllll I don’t do that. I stand on my front paws. What’s that look for? I can’t be the only one who does this!

I Stand On My Front Legs and Pee

Well, I got the idea from a YouTube video. My humans love to binge watch YouTube, and sometimes I’ll sit down and watch. One day, they were watching this… com… compil…. something they called a compilation? Yeah, a compilation of funny dog videos!

And one dog was find a totally new way to use it. He stood on his front paws and just started going! I was so surprised and it was so funny, I knew I had to try it. Sure enough, on my next walk I did! And my humans got such a kick out of it that I’ve kept it up since!

I gotta be honest. It’s more comfortable this way. No leg cramps, no need to hide behind a tree or fire hydrant, no tugs on my leash. It’s great! I don’t think I’ll ever stop, this has become a game changer.

My Balance Is Excellent

I have to say, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be! I have pretty good balance, which is important for a move like this. I imagine dogs that don’t have the greatest balance would need to practice a bit before executing this move. Safety first and all that!

Big, tall dogs would probably have a hard time with this, and I bet that more muscular dogs like pit bulls would have no problem with it. Those guys probably do pawstands for fun! I haven’t reached that level of strength yet, but I’m working on it!

I Would Probably Do Well in the Circus

You know what else? With these skills, I bet I could do awesomely in a circus! You know how many people would pay to see a dog doing a handstand? I could probably do all sorts of crazy stunts, like walking along planks of wood like this. With a pool of gators underneath me!

Well… maybe not THAT crazy. Maybe I’d walk across a plank that’s above a kiddie pool. That’s more my speed. I’d need to practice walking like this, though. Standing, I’ve got down to a science, but walking is a whole nother game. Maybe I can watch more YouTube to help me train.

I’m Done Marking My Territory for Now

And of course, our walks always continue as usual after I’m done! My human always gets a chuckle out of my trick, and we keep moving. I’ll even do it in our own yard, too. Like I said, this is a game-changer and is beyond comfortable. I can’t see myself ever going back to the old way of going.

I wonder if humans can do this? Is this a dog-exclusive trick? I should try and convince my humans to try! It would be funny to see them make an attempt.

Either way! Off to binge more YouTube! Who knows what other tricks I’ll discover?