Precious Little Sister Gives her Dog Friend a Cute Medical Checkup

My human is waaay better than your human! Not only is she super cute and super smart, but she is my bestest friend in the whole world! Anytime I feel a little under the weather, my little human is sure to give me a total body checkup!

I was feeling a little sniffy just a couple of weeks ago, and my human was all ready to help — even on her weekend off. First, she gathered up all of her supplies: a plastic bottle, some weird smelling stuff in a jar, and a couple of fluffy cotton balls. She showed up in her most fanciest clothing: pajama pants and a sweatshirt! I know she was coming in on her day off, but she must have known it was a serious problem. I’m so lucky to have such great medical care!

First, my human started off by massaging my toes. She kept tickling my feet a lot, which made me want to laugh, but I held it in! I know she was just doing her job.

She wanted to make sure that none of my toes had the dreaded ‘hailitosis,’ which she told me makes you look green and walk funny! Thankfully, she didn’t find anything sitting around, which was a heckin’ good thing! Plus, I was starting to get a little sleepy from all that massaging.

Next, my little human got ready to check my toe pressure. She used a special machine with a weird little squeaky toy that never actually made noise. I was a little worried there for a second, but my human told me not to stress out or anything! She did stuff like that all the time for herself and her friends. Best of all, she didn’t find anything wrong with me. What a relief!

My human was so impressed with the state of my health, and she said I was a really good patient! That makes me so happy. All I wanna do is be the best patient EVER, if I can.

So then it was time to check my hotness level with a pokey thing that went in my ear. It showed that I was in perfect health, and that my flappy flaps were right as rain. Plus, she gave me a nice little pat for it, which is always nice. Does your doctor give you pets after you’ve been a good patient? I bet not!

I love how thorough my doctor is. Even if I can be a little bit of a health nut, she always finds a way to calm my fears. I just couldn’t do it without her!

It was kinda weird when she stuck a big pink stick in my mouth, though. It didn’t taste like chicken at all! Maybe that’s just something they tell you to make you be a good patient.

She gives me one more stick check right on the lips, and then voila! It’s all over!

I got a clean bill of health that day, and my human told me everything was gonna be okay. The real reason I wasn’t feeling well? I just wanted to get a hug from my favorite person! Luckily, she obliged.