Poodle Steals Toddler’s Scooter and Rides Away

Yes, I know the photos and images look incriminating. Yeah, I understand that it looks bad, but I did not steal that scooter. I mean, this was just a toddler too! What kind of animal do you people take me for – so here’s what really happened.

It all began with this kid, and I mean like just a little tyke too, who was playing outside. Now I wasn’t doing anything in particular that day, I was just hanging out with the fam and some of our friends. That is also the only reason I was even around this tiny toddler. It wasn’t as if I was out canvassing the block for scooters to steal!

Now, if you watch the video casually, you will miss it, and all you will see is this bully of a dog (don’t take that expression literally, I am a poodle not some mangy mutt) swipe this scooter right out from under youngin’. If you watch it again, more closely, however, you will see a different story.

What made this look even worse was the tantrum this deceptive little human threw. I mean, the kid swung at me at least a couple of times. And proceeded to literally try to chase me down. It was like I was living in the Wild Wild West for a minute!

Then, as if to cap the scene off with a great climactic finish, this little Thespian stopped (even pausing for effect), then turned around to offer an Academy Award-worthy performance. Eat your heart out Braveheart! The only thing that was missing was the epic outcry at the end… “freedom!”

Well, if anyone deserves freedom, it’s me. If anyone is wrongly portrayed in this video clip, and these still images, it is this kind and sweet poodle. Okay, it is time to blow the lid off of this hoax.

During the incident in question, a very important key piece of information was barely recorded, but it changes the outlook and the perception of everything. And most importantly, it will set the record straight.

Remember how I mentioned that I was just in the area with the fam? Well, that kid had been struggling with that scooter since we arrived, and we were getting ready to leave when the kid motioned me over for help. Yes, we, as in my family and I, were getting ready to leave. What’s more, the child asked me for help.

Now, if we look at the very beginning of the clip, and the first still frame, you will see me walking away…

And if you see the kid in the image, you will notice that the child is trying to get my attention, and is staring right at me. What happened after that was just me trying to help, and show this toddler how to ride their toy.

The next thing I know, I turn around and see this…

But now you know the story, and all I ask for is – Freedom!