Pomsky Puppy Tries To Wake Sleeping Pig

Helllllooo friend!

It’s time to play. A gal neeeeeeeds some play time.

My mom’s being lazy. I don’t know what’s gotten into her. She seems to be sniffling and it sounds like she’s even barking. And she’s barely getting up. She hasn’t played with me at ALL. I do hope she’s OK, but in the meantime,

You will have to suffice! Time to play with ME!

Bounce bounce bounce!

Get up piggo! I need you to throw me the frisbee. I don’t know if my legs even work anymore, I haven’t been able to play in so long. The days of running free in the yard with mom seem to be gone, at least for now.

So come on, let’s go get our sprints in!

Don’t think you can ignore me when we’re in the same room. I can make this VERYYYYY difficult for you….

Honestly, you’re just like a big trampoline. If you won’t get up play with me, your bouncy belly will suffice!

Let’s see how high I can get!

I guess this is just how I’m going to get my exercise now. At least my hind legs are getting a work out! Speaking of, you could probably use a work out….

Maybe get up off your big belly and do some exercising of your own. I can teach you all my jazzercize routines. I mean, look at how great I look? Certainly a physique to strive for if I do bark so myself.

Oh, here we go, I guess you finally heard me….

Oh what, you’re going to just get up and act like I’m STILL not here? I gotta talk to mom about you. This arrangement just isn’t going to work out unless I’m being catered to at least 90% of the time.

If mom can’t play, you’ve gotta step up your game and be back up.

Don’t think you can just walk away from me….

Oh, just wait and see what an annoyance I will be tonight!