Pedigree Canned Puppy Food Reviews and Guidance – Top 5 Pro Tips

No one wants their pet food to cause digestive problems or allergic reactions for their dog, but many of the dog foods available today contain a number of fillers that can cause these issues. Being a dog, I’m glad my owner gives me only the best dog food available.

Pedigree is a common dog food brand that you’ll see no matter where you go to pick up your dog food. Pedigree canned puppy food has developed a solid reputation for itself over the many years that it has been in business. The company claims it has almost a century of experience in the dog food industry.

Initially, Pedigree started out as a company called Chappie. It took in rejected meats of different types and turned them into canned dog food. The company was known as the first to release canned dog food options. Chappie, also known as Kal Kan, became Pedigree in 1985.

Pedigree was initially marketed to show dogs and breeders, which earned the company a bunch of recognition in the industry. Through all of its marketing efforts, Pedigree was able to develop a partnership with The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. It started to shift its marketing efforts to shelter dogs in the later years and ended its partnership with the dog show.

Pedigree Rating

If you combine all of the different reviews across many different platforms, including what my dog friends and I think of Pedigree canned puppy food, we are safe to give it a three out of five. This rating might come as a shock for pet owners, but being a dog, I think I have a little more experience in the realm of dog food than people do.

Pros Of Pedigree Canned Dog Food

Dogs Seem to Enjoy It

When you look at the total number of dogs that eat Pedigree canned dog food, you can conclude that the majority of them enjoy eating it. I’ve had it a number of times and never really found any issues with it. I’ve tried many different types of canned dog food throughout the years and have found that Pedigree is fairly enjoyable.

Pedigree dog food contains a number of positives:

  • D-calcium pantothenate
  • Monocalcium phosphate
  • Potassium iodide
  • Potassium chloride
  • Folic acid


While Pedigree canned dog food wasn’t always a budget-friendly dog food, it has come a long way in terms of how it’s priced and marketed. Many dog owners now find it’s an affordable option they can pick up on a weekly basis.

Cons Of Pedigree Canned Dog Food

Corn As a Filler

Sometimes you’ll see the use of corn in the dog food. This is seen as a negative because it’s a filler. I don’t have a sensitive stomach myself, so I can’t really comment on how it affects me. However, some of my dog friends who are sensitive can suffer indigestion when corn is used as a filler in dog food.

Corn is used because it is cheap. Sometimes dogs will be allergic to corn, leading to skin problems and making it a questionable ingredient to include in dog food.


While this might not be seen as much in Pedigree canned dog food, you’ll see there is an overabundance of grain in the dry dog food. I never enjoyed kibble that contains grain in it, and I know many other dogs that have a difficult time digesting the grain in the dry food.

You’ll also find that soybean meal, gluten meal, and ground whole wheat will be included in the ingredient list. When dogs like myself eat dog food that contains too many grains, they will deal with more gas.


Another factor to look at in Pedigree dog food is that there are artificial colors included as part of its recipes. Being a dog, I don’t exactly care what color the dog food is. I just care how it tastes and how it will affect my stomach.

Digestion Problems

I’ve asked a bunch of my puppy friends about how they felt after they ate Pedigree dog food, and a lot of them stated that it made them feel a little sick to their stomach. In addition, a lot of owners say their dogs don’t enjoy the taste of Pedigree dog food even after just one bite.

Pedigree Canned Dog Food Products

There are a couple of Pedigree canned dog foods that are useful to look at for a more balanced review.

  • Pedigree Weight Management Canned Food
  • Pedigree Chunky Ground Dinner with Beef, Bacon, & Cheese Flavor Canned Dog Food
  • Pedigree Puppy Chopped Ground Dinner with Chicken & Beef Canned Dog Food

One thing to note between these canned dog foods is that corn is still the first ingredient in them. Corn isn’t an ingredient that should be in the No. 1 spot in any dog food. That means that it is being widely used as a filler. It doesn’t contain a lot of nutritional value for my body, and other dogs might develop skin problems from it.

The second ingredient is usually a poultry byproduct. This means that it is a combination of unwanted parts from animals. One positive thing to note about this is that they contain a lot more protein than fresh chicken.

Another ingredient to highlight in some of Pedigree’s canned dog food is corn gluten meal, which isn’t very beneficial to my health. I remember my owner brought some Pedigree canned dog food home once and I noticed them taking a long look at the ingredient list. I’m glad that they did that because they saw corn gluten meal was included in the food, they never gave it to me again.