Pampered Dog Gets a Stylish Trim in Hair Salon

Being a dog is hard. You have to always be ready to be pet, there’s always a new bone to bury, and don’t even get me started on opening doors with opposable thumbs! It can be ruff.

But, by far, the hardest thing that we doggos have to deal with is looking good! Our fur has to be cleaned and brushed, our tails can’t be too fluffy, our teeth have to be clean and white, and our ears have to flop just right to always be picture-perfect. You never know when your human is going to want to snap a picture of you to post on the ‘Gram, or when visitors are coming by! It’s a hassle. Buuuuut, it does come with a positive.

That’s right – trips to the salon!

I Love Trips to the Hairstylist

Salon trips are, for sure, one of the best parts of my month. I get a day out the house, dedicated to having a bunch of humans helping me look my absolute best. They trim my fur, give me a deep cleaning, and brush me from head to tail! It’s honestly so relaxing, with the hot water and suds and their super-soft brush.

Don’t get me wrong, my human is great at grooming me too, but these people are professionals. So they’ve got top-of-the-line equipment and a whole team of people working on yours truly. It’s quite the experience, and it’s something every dog should experience at least once – and every human, too!

And the best part is hanging with the hairstylist. Oh my goodness, I always have so much tea to spill with her, so the juicy gossip exchanges are the icing on top of an already awesome cake.

This Is a Good Haircut

And seeing the final result is always great, too! I love checking myself out in the mirror and seeing the complete look. They always do the same thing, but every so often they’ll do something fancy, like putting a bow on my tail, or ribbons on my ears. Sometimes they’ll even give me a complimentary collar with a fancy pink band or something! Every month it’s something diffeent, so I love seeing what they do next. And then I get to show off to my human when I get picked up!

You Should Tell Me If I’m Going to Get A Close-Up

Every trip to the salon is also followed with a very cool photoshoot. My human snaps pic after pic of me with my new look, and then they share it with friends and family. I love this part a lot too because, then when they come to visit, they can show me the pictures they got. It’s really cool to relive the makeover over and over again! I hope one day my human decides to print some of the photographs out and hang them on the wall. It could be like a fashion wall! Where all my looks are recorded and remembered for years to come.

For now, I’ll just be sure to enjoy my latest look. The only downside to salon trips is that they don’t last forever! I get dirty while playing outside, the special collars are saved for special occasions, and the bows and ribbons fall out after just one play session. Oh well. All the more reason to keep coming back!

I’ll also have to make sure to strike some fabulous poses while getting my pictures taken. Gotta impress the family, after all!