Pampered Dog Enjoys Electric Head Massage after a Stressful Day

Hey, don’t judge me!

Before you say anything, let me just begin by telling you about my day. I know it doesn’t look like it right this second, but this is not how my day looked, felt, or went today.

Go ahead, take another look at my current status. Yes, that’s me, head back, finally resting with a massage pillow beneath my furry noggin. Let this image burn into your brain for a second. We will come back here momentarily, but let this image settle for a second…

Now, here is how I woke up and how my dog day began. I was sound asleep, and I’m guessing it was around breakfast-ish hour when the sound of a cat (yep, like C A T) woke me. We all know that cats have notoriously awful and screechy voices anyway, but this thing was howling!

Come to find out, it was the neighbor’s stupid cat, and apparently, we must have left a window open or something. Needless to say, I had to spring up straight from a dead sleep to rid the house of this intruder! I can’t swear to it, but according to my owner, I apparently spilled my water dish all over, knocked over the glass vase (and crash), and if that wasn’t enough, I also am the reason the cat shredded the curtains!

Yeah, like that was my fault! Anyways, as the result of that catastrophe to start my day, I spent the rest of the first part of the day outside. I know what you’re thinking. At least the rest of the day was better even if I was outdoors, right? Wrong.

Let’s look at my happy place one more time…

Ah yes, this afternoon and morning feel a million miles away in this place. Okay, back to the next part of my uneventful day.

The regular blue guy with the bag, the one I don’t chase anymore (he’s been given owner clearance), you know, the guy with the funny little truck. Yeah, well today, the blue guy wasn’t a guy, it was a girl human, and the bag was even bigger than usual and they weren’t wearing pants but shorts.

Okay – has anyone ever heard of stranger danger? Well, obviously my owner obviously knows them or was expecting them or whatever, but that didn’t go over well either. The next thing I know, I’m in my naughty cage.

No, that wasn’t all that happened, because around lunchtime I was scolded for chewing up the newspaper and my owner’s shoes. Really? I’ve been in a cage all day.

So now, the day has finally started to wind down, I just ate dinner, and it is almost bedtime. And now you understand, this isn’t a pampered puppy, this is a much-needed break from a day that was way too long and far too hard.

Okay, maybe that was me that peeked at the paper, but it is good to digest current events… and it’s even better to nap!