Ostrich Steals Dog Food From Jack Russell Terriers

Even though I haven’t been around for too long, I know what a bird looks like. They’re small, they flutter around, and they’re often way high in the sky.
At least, I thought I knew what birds looked like. That is until this beast came barging into my home and started stealing MY food.

The day started like any other, with my sister and I playing and napping during the morning. We barked at some passers-by, but they knew not to mess with us.

Suddenly, we heard a noise coming from the back door. So naturally, we went to investigate. We assumed that our owner was doing something, but little did we know that we could come face to face with a monster!

I don’t know where it came from or how it got to our back door. I also don’t know how it got the door open. Can birds open doors with their feathers? Is this the beginning of the great bird uprising? I’m so not ready for that.

My sister and I put on a brave face, barking and trying to scare away this massive creature. As fearsome as we were, however, it was unbothered by our yaps and yips. Fortunately, it wasn’t out for blood – it just wanted our kibble.

Its neck is so long! It has to be like three feet at least! It’s longer than us!

This thing, this uninvited guest, just starts helping itself to our food like it’s no big deal. As if our owner just laid out those bowls of kibble for it to eat all willy-nilly.

But, I didn’t know what to do. All I could do was watch.

After a bit, I decided I had enough and tried to nip at the beast’s neck. Perhaps that would let it know that I meant business. Unfortunately, my plan didn’t work. It just started snapping at us with its huge beak, then went right back to eating.

And the worst part? Our owner was just standing there, making a video of the whole thing! I sure hope that they don’t post the clip online, as I will never hear the end of it from my buddies at the dog park. They’ll have a field day knowing that I let a bird just eat my food without putting up a fight.

But I’d like to see them do something different. I mean, have you ever seen something so big and ferocious?

I really hope it never comes back. My poor heart just can’t take it.